Online Genealogy Resources


I have compiled a list of Online Genealogy Resources that I use in my searches of my family. This li

st is an ever evolving compilation of these resources. As I

encounter new and exciting ones I will add them to this list.

Some are free and some of these websites are not. Please check the link to investigate the pricing. I will add that current information as of the time of this posting.

The West Virginia Division of Culture & History. Since the majority of my family searches are contained within the State of West Virginia I must add this link first! You can read my blog post (here) with helpful advice and tips on how to navigate this website. Their web address is:

Find A Grave. Oh there is no way to measure the information I have found on this website! Pictures, cemetery information, parents and sibling information, obituaries, and so much more! It may not be as popular as it has been in recent years, however, there is valuable information there! Take a peek at: and don’t forget to check out my blog post (here) related to Online Photograph Searches.

COMING SOON: a blog post dedicated to the Find A Grave website!


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